Private Cloud Hosting

Public clouds are highly standardized, allow limited customization, and their respective resources can be oversubscribed and massively shared. In the public cloud, applications and data run on the same shared public pool of resources – available to anyone with the swipe of a credit card. This type of environment is well-suited for certain applications such as test & development, social media, email and file sharing. But when security and compliance matters, when workloads and applications are mission-critical, or when hands-on expertise is needed to tailor, migrate and optimize your environment – it is time to consider a private cloud hosting solution.

A private cloud is a cloud computing hardware and software platform that is dedicated to your organization. Private clouds hosted at GLBiX data center provides you the freedom to choose: network routers and switches, firewalls, server hardware, storage systems, and cloud computing software. Our solutions are designed and built to give you the power to construct and manage clouds across your internal data centers and GLBiX data center — on terms that you control. This means that you can keep a handle on compliance, security, and costs. And you can let your business needs drive your IT strategy, instead of having IT limit your options.

GLBiX's Private Cloud Hosting service provides data center infrastructure, dedicated cloud computing hardware, dedicated cloud computing software with full (or sole) administrative control, and 24x7x365 live onsite tech support. We offer four most popular enterprise class private cloud platforms:

  • VMware Private Cloud
  • As the proven leader in virtualization, VMware is charting the course to deliver unprecedented efficiency, agility, and extensibility with the private cloud. Working in concert with industry leaders, VMware is helping enterprises gain the benefits of cloud computing leveraging existing investments without compromising control.

  • Microsoft Private Cloud
  • Microsoft private cloud solutions are built on Windows Server and System Center technology. Applications are the lifeblood of your business. The ability to deploy new applications faster and keep them up and running more reliably is the central mission of IT as a competitive differentiator. A Microsoft private cloud puts your applications first. It offers you deep application insight, a comprehensive cross platform approach, and best-in-class performance.

  • KVM Private Cloud
  • KVM cloud computing platform is the fast growing open source cloud hosting implementation using the operating system's kernel. This often allows for greater performance than when using cloud hosting solutions which rely on user-space drivers. In additional to open source community, KVM cloud computing technology is backed by tech heavyweights IBM and Red Hat.

    • Xen Private Cloud

    Citrix XenServer is a complete, managed server virtualization platform built on the powerful Xen hypervisor. Xen technology is widely acknowledged as the fastest and most secure virtualization software in the industry. XenServer is designed for efficient management of Windows® and Linux® virtual servers and delivers cost-effective server consolidation and business continuity.

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