Bandwidth Exchange / Peering

Looking to have a presence in low-latency, high-bandwidth St. Louis, Missouri?

Peering and inter-connection services are provided to help local Internet traffic sources become more reliable and provide redundancy. We are currently peered with Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) providers with direct telephone system trunking access; high-bandwidth office and residential complexes; web-, game- and exchange-hosting services; and much more. We even peer with, albeit small and quiet, ham-radio packet services to provide reliable, route diverse networking arrangements with virtually anyone who can help improve the network. We're dedicated to helping drive St. Louis bandwidth and exchanging costs down so as to foster more innovation and provide tech companies with the services they need to not only be competitive but to beat the competition.

Whether you need private peering to help provide connectivity to customers or expand your reach; consolidate for peering fabric; or take advantage of our redundant gigabit links (with access to a 10Gbit pipe to downtown St. Louis in the neighborhood with AT&T, or stay in our suburban St. Louis network and benefit from Charter Communications' incredible low-latency network) just contact us and ask. We specialize in arranging something for everyone.

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