Private Cloud Hosting

Public clouds are highly standardized, allow limited customization, and their respective resources can be oversubscribed and massively shared. In the public cloud, applications and data run on the same shared public pool of resources – available to anyone with the swipe of a credit card. This type of environment is well-suited for certain applications such as test & development, social media, email and file sharing. But when security and compliance matters, when workloads and applications are mission-critical, or when hands-on expertise is needed to tailor, migrate and optimize your environment – it is time to consider a private cloud hosting solution.

Order a Dedicated Server today!

  • UNIX Dedicated Servers
  • Unix operating systems are widely used in Internet servers. The Unix environment and the client–server program model were essential elements in the development of the Internet and the reshaping of computing as centered in networks rather than in individual computers. We offer dedicated servers with following UNIX operating systems: Redhat Linux, Linux CentOS, Fedora Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Gentoo Linux, Slackware Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD

  • Windows Dedicated Servers
  • Windows server introduces next generation web tools, built-in virtualization technologies, and security and server management enhancements that will help customers more efficiently manage their IT operations, reduce costs and improve performance of business-critical systems. We offer both Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2008 operating systems. We also provide following Windows application software: Microsoft SQL server 2012, Microsoft SQL server 2008, Microsoft Exchange server 2010, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft SharePoint server 2010, and Microsoft terminal server.

  • Dedicated VMware Servers
  • The VMware approach to virtualization inserts a thin layer of software directly on the computer hardware. This software layer creates virtual machines and contains a virtual machine monitor or "hypervisor" that allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently so that multiple operating systems can run concurrently on a single physical computer without even knowing it.

GLBiX dedicated server hosting features:

  • Dedicated Operating System: You can have your favorite operating system. The Operating System can be changed or upgraded at anytime; Operating Systems supported: Windows server 2012, Windows server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 ; Linux CentOS, Ubuntu Linux, Linux openSUSE, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux, Slackware linux, FreeBSD, and more.
  • KVM Over IP Remote Server Access: With HP iLo Remote Console and Dell DRAC customers can self-install OS, reboot servers, reinstall or upgrade OS, and otherwise access server console remotely;
  • Full Administrative Access: You will have root access for the Unix server or Administrative access for the Windows server; Customer can install any software or application on his/her server;
  • Un-metered Bandwidth: You get a fixed monthly bill. No surprise bandwidth charge for any month; for some customers however we do bill at 95th percentile.
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