Complex Hosting

Complex hosting provides solutions for web sites and applications that require continuous availability and scalable performance. These packages include clustering of high availability servers, security firewalls, load balancers, data storage systems, and burstable bandwidth.

  • Network Firewalls
  • As threats to the Internet servers grow more prevalent and destructive, securing the infrastructure is critical to maintaining a viable eBusiness. Attacks come from multiple sources in a variety of forms. Businesses need more than just a security device; they require a comprehensive and reliable security solution. GLBiX's network firewall offerings are purpose-built to perform essential networking security functions. Optimized for maximum performance and feature integration, they are designed on top of robust networking and security real-time operating systems. Our network firewall offerings can protect the network from all manner of attacks and malware while simultaneously facilitating secure business-to-business communications.

  • Server Load Balancing
  • Load balancers can provide high availability by automatically detecting the failure of a server and redirecting user activity among the remaining servers within seconds. Once the server is responsive, it can again share in the work load. Your users will be provided with continuous service, never knowing about a server failure should it happen. In the same manner, load balancing will allow a system administrators to take down servers and perform system maintenance without interruption of services.

  • Data Storage Systems
  • Your data is the lifeblood of your ebusiness. Effective data storage systems are imperative in order to keep your ebusiness alive 24x7. We can provide you with the infrastructure, security, scalability and management services to ensure the highest level of data protection. We are dedicated to provide the most comprehensive Data Storage and Management Services to meet the demands of your business.

  • High Performance Reliable Servers
  • Whether it’s CPU performance, RAM speed, connectivity or board design, GLBiX offers Dell and HP rack servers and blade servers that provide the flexibility needed for diverse workloads, multiple operating environments, and your future business growth, all at the price/performance your business demands.

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